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Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)
Building 8350 on Headhunter Street
(334) 255-9810
(334) 406-1382

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Fort Rucker’s Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) is a program that supports the overall Quality of Life (QOL) for single and unaccompanied Soldiers. It supports the chain of command by identifying QOL issues and concerns, and by providing recommendations for QOL improvement. It also encourages and assists single Soldiers in identifying and planning for innovative and fun-filled recreational and leisure activities as well as community service projects.

The newly refurbished BOSS building is a place where single and unaccompanied Soldiers can relax and have some fun while playing video games, pool, ping pong, or watching a movie in the theater room. Free Wi-Fi is also available in the BOSS building. BOSS building hours are seasonal and are posted on the front of the facility.

BOSS Mission: To enhance the quality of life and morale of single Soldiers, increase Soldier retention, and sustain readiness.

BOSS Vision: Be the advocate for single Soldiers to ensure they have a quality of life commensurate with their service.


Eligibility and Participation

BOSS program eligibility and participation is open to all single Soldiers, which is defined as all unmarried, divorced, widowed, and unaccompanied Soldiers, to include single parent Soldiers. BOSS sponsored events may be open to all, with preference and priority to the single Soldier.



Command involvement in BOSS is essential to the success and growth of the BOSS program and our single Soldier community. Commanders at Fort Rucker promote and ensure participation of the single Soldiers at every level, from the junior enlisted to Senior NCOs, Warrant Officers, and Commissioned Officers.


Council and Event Planning Meetings

Council and Event Planning Meetings are open to all Soldiers and organizations that would like to participate in BOSS. Council Meetings are held every third Wednesday and Event Planning Meetings are held every Wednesday from 4 – 5 p.m. at the BOSS Building (Bldg. 8350). The meetings cover quality of life issues, community service projects, and leisure activities and trips. Weekly meetings ensure that the voices of single Soldiers are heard.

Examples of community service and recreation events hosted and supported by BOSS:

  • Super Bowl Party
  • March madness
  • Beach Trips
  • Installation Food Locker Support
  • Veteran’s Day Trip
  • Fishing with Hearts Apart & Survivor Outreach Services
  • Comedy Live
  • Dueling Pianos



In 1989, the US Army Community and Family Support Center (USACFSC) and MACOMS were tasked to develop a program to get single Soldiers involved in determining their recreation and leisure needs. Implementation of the BOSS program began with single Soldiers focus groups. In early workshops, QOL issues emerged along with recreation and leisure needs and were presented to the local command as part of the workshop out-brief.

In 1991, the Chief of Staff, US Army, formally expanded the BOSS program to include all areas of single Soldiers’ lives. This change provided single Soldiers with an opportunity to surface quality of life issues through chain of command. During the evolution of the program, single Soldiers indicated a desire to participate in activities related to community support. This interest was adopted as another component of the program.

At the 1995 Army-wide BOSS conference, attendees identified the lack of BOSS guidance and program standardization as one of the top five quality of life issues for single Soldiers.

In 2000, the US Army changed Quality of Life to “Soldier’s Well Being” which encompasses and expands on the concept of Quality of Life. Well being is defined: The personal- physical, material, mental and spiritual- state of Soldiers, retirees, veterans, civilian employees, and their Families that contributes to their preparedness to perform the Army’s mission.

What BOSS is all about… The Fort Rucker BOSS program establishes a means to meet the leisure and recreational needs of single Soldiers through innovative recreational programs and rewarding community service programs. BOSS provides a vehicle of communication between single Soldiers of Fort Rucker and fosters the philosophy that single Soldiers are entitled to:

  • The opportunity to recommend policy changes that will enhance their overall quality of life,
  • Practice safety both on and off the installation,
  • Participate in recreational and leisure activities of their choice,
  • And to contribute to their local communities.


If you would like more information about DA BOSS or would like to submit a Quality of Life issue to be addressed by Fort Rucker BOSS, go to


Forms can be obtained by clicking on the Resources link and scrolling down to the DA Forms. The QOL form is DA Form 7380.

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