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Automotive Skills Center

Building 1902 on Headhunter Street & 2nd Avenue
(334) 255-9725

Monday & Tuesday, Closed
Monday – Friday, “Mechanic for Hire” on duty by appts.
Wednesday – Friday, 10:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

For Holiday Hours & Special Closures, please refer to our homepage.

The Fort Rucker Automotive Skills Center has the equipment you need to save money on do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair. At the Automotive Skills Center you have access to on-site trained instruction, assistance, tools and equipment. Stop by today to learn about how we can help with your automobile repairs and questions.

The Automotive Skills Center has a mechanic for hire program which can save military Families money in labor fees for automotive repair.

The center has a technical reference center which offers Mitchell On Demand software and an ALLDATA subscription available for patrons to access “how-to” automotive information. The references include vehicle-specific wiring diagrams, maintenance information, labor estimates, technical service bulletins, and recalls.

The 26-bay center has 13 lifts, 12 flat bays (non-lift) – six located inside the main building and five sheltered bays outside of the main building, a paint booth and body bay. The center is easily accessible to Soldiers and their Families with operational hours structured to meet their needs.

Upcoming Events & Specials

  • Holiday Safety Inspection, December 18 – 20 – Complimentary holiday safety inspections from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Self-Help Carwash

The self-help carwash, located at the Automotive Skills Center, has two wash bays, a vacuum cleaner with a shampooer and two standard vacuums, a fragrance machine, and vending machines stocked with clean Huge Towels, Armor All Towels, and air fresheners.


Automatic Carwash

The automatic carwash is open to the public. Four washes are available, ranging from an express wash to the works! Patrons are able to use coins, cash, or Visa/Mastercard credit cards as payment.


Paint Booth

Ride in style with a fresh new paint job! Bring your paint and your car to the paint booth at the Automotive Skills Center to get that fresh new look on your ride. Patrons are responsible for painting their own vehicles. The paint booth can be rented by the hour or per day. All patrons requesting to utilize the paint booth must complete a list of requirements to make an appointment in advance.


Holiday Inspections

Free vehicle inspections are available on posted dates. The Free Holiday Safety Inspections Program provides inspections prior to Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


Propane Tanks

Need to refill a propane tank? If so, then stop by the Automotive Skills Center today. Our propane service allows you to refill your own propane cylinders rather than having to swap them out. We also service RV propane tanks.


Available Classes

Available classes include: oil change, tire maintenance, tune-ups, transmission filter service, front and rear brakes, and diagnostic scan tool usage. Additional classes may be arranged if requested for groups or individuals to fit special needs.

In addition to the scheduled classes the Automotive Skills Center provides daily instruction in the areas covered by the classes as well as instruction in accessories and electrical troubleshooting, air conditioning and heating systems, steering and suspension systems, engine mechanical, and engine performance.


Shop Fees & Rentals

  • Services Provided – $5 each
  • Brake Lathe – $5 each
  • Hydraulic Press – $5 each
  • McPhereson Strut Press – $5 each
  • Engine Computer Scan
    • Hobby Side – $5
    • Mechanic for Hire – $15
  • A/C Service
    • Diagnostic – $15
    • A/C Service – $35
  • A/C Change-over – $65
  • Auto Repair Service (Mechanic for Hire) – $40 per hour
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection – $35
  • Propane – $.90 per pound
  • Tire Maintenance every Friday, 1 – 3 p.m.
  • Lift Bay – $5.50 per hour
  • Maintenance Bay – $4.50 per hour
  • Battery Charge – $2 per hour
  • Sandblasting – $5 per hour
  • Tire Mount (mounting or dismounting)
    • Do it yourself – $3 per tire
    • Mechanic for hire – $5 per tire
  • Tire Balance
    • Do it yourself – $3 per tire
    • Mechanic for hire – $5 per tire
  • Tire Plug – $2.50 per plug
  • Tire Disposal – $3 per tire
  • Paint Booth (appointments only) – $70 per day / $15 per hour
  • Jumpstart/Roadside Assistance
    • On Post – $20
    • Off Post – $20, plus $1.50 per mile


Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

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Auto Skills Car Wash