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Fort Rucker B.E.S.T.

ACS Relocation Readiness Program Manager
(334) 255-3735






ice_sideOur goal is to provide outstanding service throughout the installation. Your feedback, comments, and suggestions will help us maintain the quality of excellence you expect.

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Strengthening Soldiers in the Military through Mentorship & Social Opportunities!

Open to all military personnel.Our goal is to help you develop a diverse network of many people with similar interests and backgrounds that you can turn to for help and advice when needed.

Learn how to become a Better Empowered Soldier Today and feel more in control of your life by developing a strong network of friends, relatives, co-workers, fellow Soldiers, and others. B.E.S.T will explore topics of interest and concerns of Soldiers in the Army.

Join strong fellow Soldiers to grow through a solid emphasis on empowering the whole person through hands-on, engaging, fun opportunities!