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Survivor Outreach Services

Survivor-Needs-AssessmentLocated in the Soldier Service Center
Building 5700 on Novosel Street
Room 102
334-255-9637 or 334-255-9639


Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.
For Holiday Hours & Special Closures, please refer to our homepage.


ice_sideOur goal is to provide outstanding service throughout the installation. Your feedback, comments, and suggestions will help us maintain the quality of excellence you expect.

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Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Provides support and assistance for Families of fallen service members through support groups, benefits and financial counseling/planning, and referral services. The challenges and grief associated with losing a spouse, child, parent and/or sibling can continue after the Casualty Assistance Officer has concluded his or her duties. SOS has been established to assist with issues, as long as your Family desires the support. Services are provided based on specific individualized needs, under confidentiality guidelines. The program is here to help connect, coordinate, monitor, and support the needs of Families of our fallen heroes by providing compassionate advocacy services, using available Army and external resources.

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Social Security Expedited Claim Unit 866-777-7887 – supporting document will be required within sixty (60) days or benefits will stop.

Fort Rucker Freedom Fest 2013 Article


Freedom Fest 2013 Fallen Hero Photo Collage Tribute
Celebrating the Lives of Those Who Gave Their All
Photos submitted by Survivors from Alabama and Northwest Florida.


Fallen Hero Tribute

Over 150 years ago, President Lincoln recognized the important role those left behind play in our continual fight for freedom. He said it is for us, the living, to dedicate ourselves to the unfinished work, which they, who fought, have already so nobly advanced.

The song, “The Soldiers Left Behind,” written by CW3 Donald Clark’s wife, Jamie, prior to her husband’s deployment, powerfully embraces this same sentiment, made all the more poignant due to his untimely death in Iraq. The lyrics compellingly convey the life story of Family members and Survivors, concurrently illustrating the daily struggles they face on the home front, while their love ones are off at war or long after they have made the ultimate sacrifice in battle. As her song states, the Survivors we are here to so proudly support are “warriors of a very different kind.”

On July 3rd, 15,000 attendees of Fort Rucker’s Freedom Fest honored these brave service members and “the Soldiers they left behind,” as they viewed this video tribute dedicated to those who gave their all.