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Mobilization and Deployment

Located in the Soldier Service Center
Building 5700 on Novosel Street
Room 177

Monday – Friday,  7:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

For Holiday Hours & Special Closures, please refer to our homepage.

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Mobilization & Deployment Assistance 24-hour Family Assistance Center
Toll free number for family issues and crises 1-866-272-6981

The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program provides assistance and support to families of Active Component, Reserve Component and National Guard forces and emergency essential civilians to support of military operations, deployment or mobilization to enhance unit cohesion and increase readiness.

The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program is responsible for:

Pre-deployment, Mobilization, Deployment and Redeployment Briefings, and Support  to Soldiers, DoD Civilians and Their Families.

  1. Casualty Response Team Training
  2. Family Readiness Group Forums
  3. Family Readiness Group Training
  4. Family Readiness Support Assistant Training
  5. Key Caller/Treasurer Training
  6. Pre-Deployment Training
  7. Rear Detachment Commander Training
  8. Repatriation Assistance
  9. Reunion/Reintegration Training
  10. Trauma in the Unit Training


The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program oversees:

  1. Family Assistance Center
  2. Family Assistance Plan
  3. Installation Family Assistance Team Training
  4. Operation Resources for Educating About Deployment and You (OP READY) material


The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program ensures that Operation READY resources and training is readily available.

Operation READY is training and information resource developed after the Persian Gulf War from lessons learned and has been updated periodically during Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. These training and resource materials are intended for individual Soldiers/DA Civilians, Family members and Family program staff of active duty Reserve Components. Other Army Family program professionals, unit leaders, Chaplains, Family Readiness Group leaders, Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSAs), and volunteers can benefit from review of specific Operation READY handbooks and guides. These materials provide guidance on supporting Soldiers/DA Civilians and Family members through stages of the ARFORGEN cycle process, RESET, Train/Ready and Available.







  • U.S. Army RESET Guide for Leaders – Provides leaders a menu of recommendations to guide and motivate Soldiers/Civilians and their Family members through the RESET process.



  • U.S. Army Care Team Handbook – Provides guidance for Care Team volunteers to understand the Care Team’s role and to learn how to support Families effectively.



Smart Book – Provides supplemental information, regulations, policy guidance and other key information.
Note: the Smart Book linked above does not have downloadable resources.
Click here to access the resources listed in the Smart Book.