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Wounded Warrior Recreation

Fort Rucker Family & MWR – Improving Quality of Life for Wounded Warriors.

Wounded Warriors and handicapped hunters have new specialized hunting and recreational equipment in place at Fort Rucker. The Fort Rucker Outdoor Recreation department secured the equipment from monies raised during the past Wounded Warrior Fall Hunts.

Fort Rucker Outdoor Recreation is excited to provide Wounded Warriors and disabled hunters with the availability of specialized recreation equipment. Among the items funded with the proceeds include a handicap assessable mobile tracked wheelchair which allows a hunter to go over various outdoor terrains. Two hydraulic hunting stands which can be moved to desired hunting locations. The 5- by 7- foot hunting stand sits on a trailer with controls that allows it to be lowered to the ground so no ramp is needed and elevated to any height up to 18 ft providing better field of view for hunting. This equipment makes hunting more accessible for hunters with physical limitations.

Wounded Warriors and physically disabled persons now also have a new boat to enhance their recreational needs at Fort Rucker. A specially designed and customized Rhino boat was purchased with funds raised during the 2012 Wounded Warrior Hunt.  The boat, named “The Warrior” has been completely customized to fit the needs of a physically disable person to be able to operated the boat or be a passenger on the boat. The custom made Rhino aluminum flat bottom boat, which accommodates eight passengers, was purchased at a cost of $23,490.  Customized features on the boat include; a ramp that allows a wheel chair bound person to directly roll onto the boat, specialized controls, remote control automated anchor, wheel chair locking system and specialized safety features.

With the new additional Wounded Warrior recreational equipment in place, patrons can coordinate with the Fort Rucker Outdoor Recreation department for assistance with using the equipment.

Patrons wanting to utilize the boat must complete the Fort Rucker Boater Safety Course. There will also be a separate safety briefing given to all patrons before the boat is released to the user.

Patrons can make reservations for one day at a time only. At the end of the reservation day if the boat has not been reserved by another patron then they may reserve the boat again for the following day. Authorized Patrons, priority reservations, and costs are listed as follows:

  • Priority 1- AW2 Classification ID required (A soldier that has been medically classified as a Wounded Warrior). Fee and fuel usage costs waived.
  • Priority 2- Wounded Warriors (non AW2 classified) with severe injuries limiting mobility. Fee usage cost waived with fuel reimbursement required
  • Priority 3 Active Duty Soldiers with a physically disable family member. Fees apply. Fee usage and fuel reimbursement required.
  • Priority 4 Authorized patron with a physically disabled family member/guest. Fee usage and fuel reimbursement required.


Fort Rucker Family & MWR providing Soldiers, Civilians and their Families with a quality of life commensurate with the quality of their service. For more information on recreational activities on Fort Rucker and the Wounded Warrior recreational opportunities contact Outdoor Recreation at (334) 255-4305

ice_sideOur goal is to provide outstanding service throughout the installation. Your feedback, comments, and suggestions will help us maintain the quality of excellence you expect.

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Wounded Warrior Equipment available at Fort Rucker Outdoor Recreation

Handicap Accessible Tree Stands

  • Huntermaster Trophy Hydraulic Hunting Stand
  • Completely wheelchair accessible and user friendly
  • Stands can be raised and lowered from the inside or outside
  • Elevates to 14 feet


Track Chair

  • Battery operated wheel chair with durable tracks
  • Operated by push buttons and a joy stick
  • Headlight for dim/dark lighting
  • 110 charging unit
  • Gun rest
  • Rod holder
  • Utility box
  • Track chair carrier designed to fit tow kit receivers on vehicles.


Customized Handicap Accessible Boat & Boat Dock

  • Completely wheelchair accessible
  • Electric anchors
  • I-Pilot trolling motor (operated by remove control)
  • Rod holders
  • Several storage compartments
  • Live well
  • Ability to pull wake boards and tubes


North American Freedom 42 foot Travel Trailer

  • Completely wheelchair accessible
  • Vinyl floors throughout
  • Roll in shower
  • Outside is a Ricon hydraulic lift
  • Stationary in RV Park but if Guest has capabilities it can be taken off post

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