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Financial Readiness Program

Located in the Soldier Service Center
Building 5700 on Novosel Street
Suite 350

Monday-Friday:  7:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

For Holiday Hours & Special Closures, please refer to our homepage.

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The Financial Readiness Program (FRP) provides Soldiers and Family members with accurate and current financial information, education, and individual financial counseling to ensure they are better able to make educated and informed financial decisions. The FRP has an assortment of services to assist individuals improve their financial well being, financial self-sufficiency, and reduce financial stressors. Emphasis is on educational workshops and presentations designed to inform individuals regarding money management, debt management, and saving and investing fundamentals. The FRP also provides information and support concerning consumer awareness, consumer advocacy, and emergency financial assistance.

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Financial Readiness Training (FRT)

Mandatory for first-term PVT-SPC/CPL permanent party Soldiers within 60 days of in-processing. Classes are provided to Soldiers and Family members concerning money and debt management and saving and investing fundamentals. FRT includes understanding pay entitlements; understanding the Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), banking services and account management; spending plans; credit and debt management; consequences of indebtedness; saving and investing fundamentals; individual financial responsibility; and other important personal financial management topics. Classes are presented the first Friday of each month (except holidays), from 7:30 a.m. – 4:15 a.m. in the Soldier Service Center, building 5700.


Unit Financial Readiness Training

Personal Financial Readiness Training at the unit’s location will be provided as requested by leadership. Classes will be used as part of the Soldier’s unit training. These presentations may be presented at the Soldier’s unit or at other appropriate locations. Leadership may contact the FRP Manager to discuss, coordinate, and/or schedule these presentations.


Individual Financial Counseling

Individuals may request individual financial counseling or be referred by leadership. Soldiers, Family members, and others desiring to discuss their financial concerns with a financial counselor may contact the FRP to schedule an appointment.

Credit History (reports) and credit scores (FICO) The FRP will assist Soldiers, Family members, and others to obtain and understand their individual credit report and credit score. Options and recommendations will be provided to help with adverse entries and increase credit scores.


Debt Liquidation Assistance

Assistance is provided to Soldiers, Family members, and others with indebtedness related to adverse accounts, collections, “write offs”, or to those who would otherwise benefit from this assistance.


Consumer Advocacy and Complaints

The FRP will provide assistance with consumer complaints by initially discussing the complaint to determine if the complaint is legitimate and viable. Additional assistance may be provided to assist Soldiers and Family members to resolve their complaint in a reasonable manner.


Emergency Food Assistance Program

The Emergency Food Assistance Program is a short-term food assistance program designed to provide military Families with a basic food supply for approximately three days.  This program provides certificates which may be redeemed only at the Fort Rucker Commissary.